10 Best Guatemala National Player: Who Are They?

Even though internet is very helpful tool to find every information you need, but sometimes internet is not so fair in giving exposure. Especially when we are talking about football. Some national teams are so easy to be found but on the other hand, the rest of it are barely visible.

One of that countries on the second category is Guatemala. It is not easy to dig deeper about history, review, or any other word to Guatemala football team. Turns out, there are so many talented players in the history of Guatemala that worth knowing and worth searching. They are not only talented, but also did many ground-breaking achievements that deserve to get more attention.

This is a list from several top scorer player who did fantastic job in the past and still counting.

Wilmer Garcia and Carlos Figueroa are midfielders who are part of Guatemalan soccer player. Currently, they hit first and second place of player list. Followed by Carlos Humberto Ruiz Guiterrez or also well-known as El Pescadito.

Carlos Figueroa
Carlos Figueroa

In fourth until sixth place there are all defender: Claudio Albizuris, Denis Chen, and Dor Yasur. Same with Carlos Ruiz in the third place, Claudio Albizuris plays for local club CSD Municipal in top division of Guatemala team player. Denis Chen or Denis Geovani Chen Fernandez is a national team player who also plays in Guatemala’s second division for local club Coban Imperial. He is one of very few player who has Chinese blood on Guatemala.

Then another forward player is on the list: Dwight Anthony Pezzarossi Garcia. He is a retired professional football player who played for Comunicaciones in the national league of Guatemala. Then we have Edgar Estrada, the eighth hit list. Has real name Edgar Eladio Estrada Solis or popularly well-known as El Gato. He is a goalkeeper for many Guatemana’s top division clubs.

Last but not the least, in the ninth and tenth, there are Fredy Thompson and Guilermo Ramirez. They are a midfielder who scored many rewards. Fredy Williams Thompson Leon is a professional player who plays for Antigua GFC in first division.

Fredy Thompson
Fredy Thompson

While Guilermo “El Pando” Ramirez Ortega is a former soccer player who unfortunately being suspended for any football related activities from convicted to participate in money laundering and fixing games with other fellow national members: Gustavo Cabera and Yony Flores.

But either way, regardless on what did he do in the past and how bad it was, he still a talented football player who contributed a lot for the sake of Guatemala.