Guatemala National Football Team

Among all recognized sport, football still becomes the most favourable sport almost in every country. Including Guatemala. Guatemala is a beautiful exotic country located in Central America where has six different borders: Mexico in the north and west, Belize and Caribbean in the northeast, Honduras in the east, El Salvador in southeast, and Pacific Ocean in the south.

Talking about football and situs judi poker, probably Guatemala doesn’t cross your mind at the very first place. But it doesn’t mean they have nothing to tell. This team has track record on their appearance in competing Olympic tournament on 1968, 1976, and 1988 Olympic Games.

Guatemala National Football Team
Guatemala National Football Team

The list hasn’t stopped yet there. In CONCACAF Championship 1967, Guatemala won and also on 2001 their success story was recorded to be the winner UNCAF Nations Cup. Their best achievement was in CONCACAF Gold Cup 1996. They got the fourth rank there.

At the first place, Guatemala made its soccer team on 23rd August, 1902. It was 22 players but divided into two sides: white and blue.

This resilient team is well known to be called Ia Azul y Blanco or in English is “The Blue and White”. They have done their debut in Independence Centenary Games in Guatemala City since 1921 and successfully defeated Honduras with 10-1.

carlos ruiz
carlos ruiz

Perhaps you feel curious about this important aspect: has Guatemala ever participated in World Cup? Well, Guatemala started becoming participant in the qualification round of World Cup in 1958. Maybe, good luck was not in their side at that moment.

They were places in the first group and should face Costa Rica and Netherland Antilles as their rival on the same group. The result said they had to be proud to be last rank and were unable to get score any single point. Even though it was unhappy fact, but they didn’t lose hope on another competition.

1960 era

Thank to the effort and persistence, this team could improve their performance since 1960s. it was proven by qualifying rounds. For your information, qualifying rounds is a stage for national association football team goes through FIFA World Cup finals to quality themselves.

Finally, they gained success by playing nicely with Costa Rica and get equal score (4-4), Honduras (1-1). On the other hand, since being placed in the second group, one again Guatemala got same result: finished last moment. But let’s not talking on the final result only. This huge improvement was worth celebrating as achievement also.

Unfortunately, due to several administration reason, Guatemala couldn’t make any performance at qualifying rounds 1966.

Still in the 60’s timeline, another proof on how far The Blue and White made any progress still continued. They joined Concacaf in 1961. In 1967, for the first time in forever, they won this tournament. Can you imagine how resilience they were when they got failure in the past but rose in another moment? They also were recorded as runner up in 1965 and 1969.

Guatemala National Football Team
Guatemala National Football Team

To sum up, based on track record, Guatemala is recorded successfully defeating several countries in the world, including: Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, Bolivia, Cuba, Curacao, El Salvador, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Saint Lucia, Suriname, and Thailand.

Unfortunately, this team still need way more effort to beat this several countries. Such as: Argentina, Armenia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, France, Honduras, Iraq, Italy, Japan, Norway, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Slovakia, USA, Uruguay, Venezuela and Zambia.

Even though they still loss on power house football team around the world, but it doesn’t mean they will not win in the future.

Government Support

As a form of support from government, Guatemala has a multipurpose national stadium located in Guatemala City named The Estadio Nacional Mateo Flores or Coloso de la Zona 5. Built in 1948, its main function in the very first place was to host Central American and Caribbean Games in 1950.

It was renamed after Mateo Flores became the winner of 1952 Marathon competition at Boston. With the capacity to accommodate more than 25.000 seats. No wonder if this place is usually used for football tournament. The stadium itself has already hosted the majority of local tournament of Guatemala national soccer team based on this history.

Can’t wait to see another jaw-dropping improvement from The Blue and White!

Fun Facts About Carlos Ruiz, Guatemala’s MVP  You Need to Know

Fun Facts About Carlos Ruiz, Guatemala’s MVP  You Need to Know

Football striker Carlos Ruiz is debatably to be the famous Guatemala’s most famous sportsman ever, played for the national team as well as FC Dallas and MLS clubs LA Galaxy among others. These things are everything you don’t know about this valuable player.

Apparently, he has a tough childhood in Guatemala City. He was sharpening his skills when he was young by playing in the street with friends. No fancy training, no private coach, simply playing kiu kiu online.

carlos ruiz celebrates
carlos ruiz celebrates

He also has unique nickname “Pescado” or fish in English. This Pescado holds astonishing record as the most goals scorer in World Cup qualification matches. Regardless this knocking in 39 goals among five qualification competitions, but Ruiz never manage to carry Guatemala to any international championship.

He spent the whole eight seasons in United States for Major League Soccer (MLS). During 2002 season, he played for LA Galaxy and won the MVP (Most Valuable Player) award. Ruiz was notorious over the course of his career for his footballing dark art approximately as much as his goal scoring.

After his retirement, Ruiz committed to take the well worn path from professional athlete into highbrow. Currently he works as an analyst in Miami.

Turns out, his jaw-dropping experience and performance has inspired an offer for running the presidency of Guatemala’s national soccer federation. As you know before, this federation had corruption issue earlier, but if Ruiz elected as president, he will vow to commit to clean all that mess.

carlos ruiz celebrates
carlos ruiz celebrates

Like another public figure out there, Ruiz has so much interest in using social media to engage with public. He is well known with his strong view on corruption scandal in Guatemala and any other famous issue.

So many football enthusiasts believe that Ruiz is someone who deserves celebration and all the spotlight. Moreover, public also have gut if Ruiz more concentrated on his soccer career, his achievement could be so much bigger than this. Even though he is already retired, but his existence on social media still continues to intrigue huge public reaction.

Pescado loves party and he never try to hide that. He is known for being regular fixture in nightclubs and bars, sometimes got trouble for missing training session too.

Guatemalan should be grateful, whether or not you are football enthusiast, because Ruiz was there to bring and to establish the pride and dignity of Guatemala’s soccer by his mind blowing achievement.

El Salvador vs Guatemala In the First National Team Friendly

El Salvador vs Guatemala In the First National Team Friendly

The first national team at Banc of California Stadium has pitted the two of Central American nations who are well represented in Los Angeles.

The men’s national football teams for Guatemala and El Salvador, which have competed for each other more than any nation, tied an announced attendance to the home of Los Angeles Football Club for the victory on Salvadorans 3-1.

El Salvador vs Guatemala
Carlos Ruiz in action

Fans In the Mood

It brought the mood from both sets of fans that like poker uang asli in the stadium to be joyous after the day’s heavy rain prior to the kickoff of their 26th championship since 2000 with the last 10 matches have taken place on American soil.

El Salvador directly jumped ahead when Oscar Ceren cleaned up a shot from midfielder Marvin Monterrosa in the second minute when had rolled across the edge of the goal, his fourth finish among 21 international appearances.

The early fuse lifted supporters of Salvadoran in the standing section in north end of stadium, some of them filled the air with typical song of LAFC matches and quieted Guatemalan placed at the opposite corner of the pitch.

Just the half hour afterwards, El Salvador pushed their lead into to when the defense by Monterossa put Jamie Alas toward the box with space.

David Rugamas

The midfielder already found a striker David Rugamas touched Guatemalan goal keeper Ricardo Jerez for their very first goal in five appearance.

El Salvador vs Guatemala
striker David Rugamas

Dressed up in the first team who wore all blue uniforms, El Salvador gave pressure to Guatemala to be down both flanks in the whole match, always finding wide swaths of space which allowed them to sprint behind the defenders and created jeopardy situations.

However, El Salvador’s move and ability to look for attackers meant that for the very first time in forever since 1984, they made a third goal toward their bigger neighbor in the north side.

Bryan Tamacas took a short pass in 68th minute in front of Salvadoran fans from the initial goal football and finished it for the first time with the national team.

Tricking Salvadoran goal keeper, Henry Hernandez with the sneaky deflection off a well-placed from Rafael Morales’ free kick, Guatemala supported their fans to celebrate it in the 80th minute.

The classic Central American victory, 3-1, served as a strike up for Salvadoran and Carlos de Losa Cobos as coach who led La Selecta toward essential match with the Gold Cup spot on 23rd March in Concacaf Nations Cup battle with San Salvador against Jamaica.

Carlos Ruiz, A Superstar and Brilliant Player from Guatemala

Carlos Ruiz, A Superstar and Brilliant Player from Guatemala

Even though it was already over, but the topic of FIFA World Cup still on the people’s mind that barely can be forgotten. Especially in World Cup 2018 when all miracles and impossible thing could be reality.

One thing that got so much spotlight from every football enthusiast at situs judi online back then was Carlos Ruiz. A striker from Guatemala national football team is an important player who gave so much influence for Guatemala.

This striker get so much attention until now after he successfully executed five touchdowns during World Cup 2018. What makes it amazing is the fact that he did this in 36-year old and 355 days.

Carlos Ruiz
Carlos Ruiz

No wonder if this astonishing football player becomes a superstar on the field Estadio Mateo Flores, Guatemala City. The moment when Guatemala got match with St. Vincent & The Grenadines, Ruiz showed up to break opponent’s wicket and made the score 9-3.

Other football players from Guatemala who contributed to this score were: Gerson Tinoco (minutes 13), Jairo Arreola (minutes 56), and Jean Marquez (minutes 83).

Top Scorer In Concacaf Zone

Ruiz did this heroic movement in the minutes 19, 27, 37, 58, and 60. Thank to this achievement, Carlos Ruiz became a number one top scorer in Concacaf Zone. Not to mention, he had more points compare to Jozy Altidore from United States of America.

Maybe, people are confused, “how come a 37-year old can become so wonderful like this?”. Perhaps, most people think 37 is not an ideal age to be an athlete. Especially an athlete in a sport which requires healthy and lusty body condition.

Carlos Ruiz
Carlos Ruiz

However, this age gives him so much leverage than many other young athletes, which is experience. It is undeniable that he did so many tournaments before, faced so many opponents, and competed with so many superstar football players. The fact that he dug those experiences into valuable field lesson and he implemented it on World Cup was great.


Ruiz who get nickname “The Fish” started his career by joining the junior academy CSD Municipal. After he had proven to be a good player along domestic league, he got chances to experience in 5 clubs Major League Soccer (MLS), which are: FC Dallas, Los Angeles Galaxy, Philadelphia Union, DC United, and Toronto FC.

During his work in United States, he scored 87 goals on 168 matches regular league. Besides that, he also collected 16 goals play-off league and became life time achievement on MS history.

10 Best Guatemala National Player: Who Are They?

10 Best Guatemala National Player: Who Are They?

Even though internet is very helpful tool to find every information you need, but sometimes internet is not so fair in giving exposure. Especially when we are talking about football. Some national teams are so easy to be found but on the other hand, the rest of it are barely visible.

One of that countries on the second category is Guatemala. It is not easy to dig deeper about history, review, or any other word to Guatemala football team. Turns out, there are so many talented players in the history of Guatemala that worth knowing and worth searching. They are not only talented, but also did many ground-breaking achievements that deserve to get more attention.

This is a list from several top scorer player who did fantastic job in the past and still counting.

Wilmer Garcia and Carlos Figueroa are midfielders who are part of Guatemalan soccer player. Currently, they hit first and second place of player list. Followed by Carlos Humberto Ruiz Guiterrez or also well-known as El Pescadito.

Carlos Figueroa
Carlos Figueroa

In fourth until sixth place there are all defender: Claudio Albizuris, Denis Chen, and Dor Yasur. Same with Carlos Ruiz in the third place, Claudio Albizuris plays for local club CSD Municipal in top division of Guatemala team player. Denis Chen or Denis Geovani Chen Fernandez is a national team player who also plays in Guatemala’s second division for local club Coban Imperial. He is one of very few player who has Chinese blood on Guatemala.

Then another forward player is on the list: Dwight Anthony Pezzarossi Garcia. He is a retired professional football player who played for Comunicaciones in the national league of Guatemala. Then we have Edgar Estrada, the eighth hit list. Has real name Edgar Eladio Estrada Solis or popularly well-known as El Gato. He is a goalkeeper for many Guatemana’s top division clubs.

Last but not the least, in the ninth and tenth, there are Fredy Thompson and Guilermo Ramirez. They are a midfielder who scored many rewards. Fredy Williams Thompson Leon is a professional player who plays for Antigua GFC in first division.

Fredy Thompson
Fredy Thompson

While Guilermo “El Pando” Ramirez Ortega is a former soccer player who unfortunately being suspended for any football related activities from convicted to participate in money laundering and fixing games with other fellow national members: Gustavo Cabera and Yony Flores.

But either way, regardless on what did he do in the past and how bad it was, he still a talented football player who contributed a lot for the sake of Guatemala.

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