Let’s Dig Deeper on One of The Most Professional Guatemala Football Team: Antigua GFC

A resilient national football team always start with tough local club. Not uncommon for a top players in World Cup level also comes from local club first.

In the football world, maybe you barely hear anything about Guatemala. Yes, a small country in Central America also has a football national team. Since we have already talked about it on the previous post, so we want to talk about one of the local clubs in Guatemala: Antigua GFC.

Antigua GFC
Antigua GFC

Antigua Guatemala Football Club or abbreviated into Antigua GFC is a professional Guatemalan football local club in Antigua, Guatemala. Their uniform using green stripes is easily to remember. Turns out, this greenery things are related to the local avocados and dadu online on Antigua Guatemala. No wonder if this team also well known with nickname Los Panzas Verdes with the meaning is “green bellies”.

This club was established since 1958 by Antonio Martinez Barrios and Miguel Angel Soto Bustamante as founders. After it was founded, it had Rogelio Toldeo Estrada as the first president and Cesar Rodriguez Gudiel as first manager.


In the 1957 till 1958 season, they earned promotion into the maximum division of Major League A and Antigua finished on the third in 1959 to 1960 afterwards. Unfortunately, it was hard for them to retain their level in the next years and suffered relegation after 1964 season.

After long period in Major League B, the administration of this club was inherited by Antigua Guatemala Municipality. In December 1976, they earned position again to the Major League A, but should face relegation the following two years and the quantity of the teams were reduced from 18 to 12.

Antigua GFC
Antigua GFC

The relegation in 1983 marked the starting point of 16 years long period which the club faced financial strain and was unable to go back to the top fight. The team’s administration finally was given again to the Municipality in 1998. 22nd May 1999 was the time they were able to earn a spot in Liga Nacional.

Talking about achievement, on 20th December 2015, Antigua defeated the Apertura for the very first time. After their very first time, they always won of Guatemalan football for three years in a row.

Antigua GFC want to compete in highest level league in Guatemala to purchase some positions offered by Heredia Jaguarez from Izabal because after 2015 season, Italian sports company Diadora will supply the club kit for Antigua GFC.