Fun Facts About Carlos Ruiz, Guatemala’s MVP  You Need to Know

Football striker Carlos Ruiz is debatably to be the famous Guatemala’s most famous sportsman ever, played for the national team as well as FC Dallas and MLS clubs LA Galaxy among others. These things are everything you don’t know about this valuable player.

Apparently, he has a tough childhood in Guatemala City. He was sharpening his skills when he was young by playing in the street with friends. No fancy training, no private coach, simply playing kiu kiu online.

carlos ruiz celebrates
carlos ruiz celebrates

He also has unique nickname “Pescado” or fish in English. This Pescado holds astonishing record as the most goals scorer in World Cup qualification matches. Regardless this knocking in 39 goals among five qualification competitions, but Ruiz never manage to carry Guatemala to any international championship.

He spent the whole eight seasons in United States for Major League Soccer (MLS). During 2002 season, he played for LA Galaxy and won the MVP (Most Valuable Player) award. Ruiz was notorious over the course of his career for his footballing dark art approximately as much as his goal scoring.

After his retirement, Ruiz committed to take the well worn path from professional athlete into highbrow. Currently he works as an analyst in Miami.

Turns out, his jaw-dropping experience and performance has inspired an offer for running the presidency of Guatemala’s national soccer federation. As you know before, this federation had corruption issue earlier, but if Ruiz elected as president, he will vow to commit to clean all that mess.

carlos ruiz celebrates
carlos ruiz celebrates

Like another public figure out there, Ruiz has so much interest in using social media to engage with public. He is well known with his strong view on corruption scandal in Guatemala and any other famous issue.

So many football enthusiasts believe that Ruiz is someone who deserves celebration and all the spotlight. Moreover, public also have gut if Ruiz more concentrated on his soccer career, his achievement could be so much bigger than this. Even though he is already retired, but his existence on social media still continues to intrigue huge public reaction.

Pescado loves party and he never try to hide that. He is known for being regular fixture in nightclubs and bars, sometimes got trouble for missing training session too.

Guatemalan should be grateful, whether or not you are football enthusiast, because Ruiz was there to bring and to establish the pride and dignity of Guatemala’s soccer by his mind blowing achievement.