El Salvador vs Guatemala In the First National Team Friendly

The first national team at Banc of California Stadium has pitted the two of Central American nations who are well represented in Los Angeles.

The men’s national football teams for Guatemala and El Salvador, which have competed for each other more than any nation, tied an announced attendance to the home of Los Angeles Football Club for the victory on Salvadorans 3-1.

El Salvador vs Guatemala
Carlos Ruiz in action

Fans In the Mood

It brought the mood from both sets of fans that like poker uang asli in the stadium to be joyous after the day’s heavy rain prior to the kickoff of their 26th championship since 2000 with the last 10 matches have taken place on American soil.

El Salvador directly jumped ahead when Oscar Ceren cleaned up a shot from midfielder Marvin Monterrosa in the second minute when had rolled across the edge of the goal, his fourth finish among 21 international appearances.

The early fuse lifted supporters of Salvadoran in the standing section in north end of stadium, some of them filled the air with typical song of LAFC matches and quieted Guatemalan placed at the opposite corner of the pitch.

Just the half hour afterwards, El Salvador pushed their lead into to when the defense by Monterossa put Jamie Alas toward the box with space.

David Rugamas

The midfielder already found a striker David Rugamas touched Guatemalan goal keeper Ricardo Jerez for their very first goal in five appearance.

El Salvador vs Guatemala
striker David Rugamas

Dressed up in the first team who wore all blue uniforms, El Salvador gave pressure to Guatemala to be down both flanks in the whole match, always finding wide swaths of space which allowed them to sprint behind the defenders and created jeopardy situations.

However, El Salvador’s move and ability to look for attackers meant that for the very first time in forever since 1984, they made a third goal toward their bigger neighbor in the north side.

Bryan Tamacas took a short pass in 68th minute in front of Salvadoran fans from the initial goal football and finished it for the first time with the national team.

Tricking Salvadoran goal keeper, Henry Hernandez with the sneaky deflection off a well-placed from Rafael Morales’ free kick, Guatemala supported their fans to celebrate it in the 80th minute.

The classic Central American victory, 3-1, served as a strike up for Salvadoran and Carlos de Losa Cobos as coach who led La Selecta toward essential match with the Gold Cup spot on 23rd March in Concacaf Nations Cup battle with San Salvador against Jamaica.